The Team

credit: Anthony Sherin

Our team members

Lisa Cortés (Little Richard: I Am Everything, Precious, All In: The Fight for Democracy, The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion, The Apollo) is an Executive Producer. Our co-producer is Andrew Mer (The Art of Making It, The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion, Gored).

Our American-Canadian team includes Quebec editor Louis-Martin Paradis, composer Ramachandra Borcar and archival producer Nancy Marcotte, all from co-director Harold Crooks’ previous TIFF-selected docs (Surviving Progress and The Price We Pay), and our US-based DPs, John Russell Foster and Christina Wairegi and animator Tynesha Foreman.

US DistributionGreenwich Entertainment

Judd Tully
Producer / Director
Harold Crooks
Director / Writer
Lisa Cortés
Executive Producer
Rea David Tully
Executive Producer
Aubrey "Drake" Graham
Executive Producer
Adel "Future" Nur
Executive Producer
Anthony Gonzales
Executive Producer
Peter Nelson
Executive Producer
Andrew Mer
John Russell Foster
Christina Wairegi
Louis-Martin Paradis
Nancy Marcotte
Archival Producer
Tynesha Foreman
Ramachandra Borcar
Original Score
Marcus Shutrump
Assistant Editor
Ben Bunch
Digital + Branding
Susan Norget
Marketing / PR Consultant
Cinematographer Christina Wairegi. Credit: Anthony Sherin
Audio recording. Credit: Anthony Sherin
Interview with artist and co-founder of Exit Art, Papo Colo. Credit: Anthiony Sherin