The Team

credit: Anthony Sherin

Our team members

Lisa Cortés (Precious, All In: The Fight for Democracy, The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion, The Apollo) is an Executive Producer. Our co-producer is Andrew Mer (The Art of Making It, The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion, Gored).

Our American-Canadian team includes Quebec editor Louis-Martin Paradis, composer Ramachandra Borcar and archival producer Nancy Marcotte, all from co-director Harold Crooks’ previous TIFF-selected docs (Surviving Progress and The Price We Pay), and our US-based DPs, John Russell Foster and Christina Wairegi and animator Tynesha Foreman.

Judd Tully
Producer / Director
Harold Crooks
Director / Writer
Lisa Cortés
Executive Producer
Rea David Tully
Executive Producer
Andrew Mer
John Russell Foster
Christina Wairegi
Louis-Martin Paradis
Nancy Marcotte
Archival Producer
Tynesha Foreman
Ramachandra Borcar
Original Score
Marcus Shutrump
Assistant Editor
Ben Bunch
Digital + Branding
Susan Norget
Marketing Consultant
Cinematographer Christina Wairegi. Credit: Anthony Sherin
Audio recording. Credit: Anthony Sherin
Interview with artist and co-founder of Exit Art, Papo Colo. Credit: Anthiony Sherin