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“This film blends, seamlessly, the heart and meaning, the art and politics, the understanding of our humanity—the vision unique to David Hammons. We watch this towering genius as he reconstructs our refuse in an empathetic identification usually available only to children and their inescapable honesty.”

-Walter Mosley
Novelist and Screenwriter

“The art world’s Thomas Pynchon… The Melt Goes on Forever tracks the revered US artist’s career, without his direct participation, to illuminating effect… Eclectic and evocative… Filled with glimpses of a witty, inventive imagination.”

-David D’Arcy
The Art Newspaper

“Rebel genius, David Hammons shows us in this informative doc how his art making has gone way beyond Duchamp with his unique Black American creative perspective.”

-Fab Five Freddy
Fred Brathwaite




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