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This film blends, seamlessly, the heart and meaning, the art and politics, the understanding of our humanity—the vision unique to David Hammons. We watch this towering genius as he reconstructs our refuse in an empathetic identification usually available only to children and their inescapable honesty.

-Walter Mosley
Novelist and Screenwriter

It is a remarkable film and I was very pleased to see how the film style and structure is true to David Hammons’ spirit. The wonderful score, the beautiful animations and the amazing archival footage are just in perfect balance with David’s engaging stories.

-Raul Niño Zambrano
Head of Film Programmes
Sheffield DocFest

An incisive new documentary… An impressive array of interviewees… chock-full of stories… The picture of Hammons that emerges is that of an elusive chronicler of Black life in America who plays by his own rules.

-Alex Greenberger




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